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Ce sont eux qui le disent ...

Our guide Nadia was an excellent storyteller and brought the history of the area to life. She had a way of making the past feel present and relevant, and we were captivated by her narratives. By the way that was one of our best tours since we are sailing within Polynesian islands; and last but not least her english is excellent! April 3rd, 23 | Crown Princess | Circle Island Tour of Tahiti

"... I'm coming to Tahiti with a group in about a week , and have been impressed with your organization during the preparation. That being said can you give me a quote to bring a group of mine later this year? I've been trying to get this organized for a few months now and I still have not yet got a quote and I'm losing confidence. I will have 15 paxs aiming to go to Tahiti for the experience of being in a French immersion environment and for activities, they just want to "hang out" and give paddling a go, and if possible take a boat out to see the big waves/surfers. I've always organized everything myself but this time I thought I'd go the professional route! Thanks, Elisabeth..." January 2023

Le voyagiste de Québec 24 Nov. 22 | Tour pré-embarquement | Côte Est et incontournables de Papeete avec déjeuner au restaurant Moana (arrangements de dernière minute par notre adorable guide)

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